Grub Control Service

Grub Control Service Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio
When your lawn is attacked by a grub infestation, you will notice dead patches of grass that can be pulled up easily. Grubs are commonly referred to as May Beetles or June Bugs, they are 1/2 to 5/8 inches long and reddish brown. White grubs are “C”-shaped larvae, up to 1 inch long with cream-colored bodies and brown heads.

Adult grubs begin to emerge in the spring. In spring and early summer, white grubs pupate 3 to 6 inches deep in the soil. Adults emerge in about three weeks. Feeding of large numbers of grubs can cause lawns to yellow and decompose. Severely damaged lawns can be “rolled up” like a carpet. Though grubs are most commonly associated with the destruction of lawns and turf, they can also attack floral plants, weeds, and vegetable plants.

Though there are several ways to treat a grub problem yourself, if untreated or incorrectly treated, a grub colony can destroy your entire lawn.

Ongoing Grub Control and Prevention
Best practices for ongoing grub control and prevention are included in our full service lawn care plans. We know what’s important in controlling grubs. Mowing heights of 3 or more inches, sharpening mower blades frequently and frequent watering play important roles on minimizing grub damage. A regular fertilization program with proper blends of fertilizer being applied correctly throughout the growing season is also important for a healthy lawn to withstand grub damage.

Moscarino Landscaping will perform an on-site visit and assess the health of your lawn and determine a plan of action to rid your yard of a grub infestation permanently.