Landscape Design Tips

Here are some tips from Moscarino Outdoor Creations Inc. that can help get you started:

  1. Determine a realistic budget. Remember that a good landscaper can suggest to landscape in “phases” which can be spread over time.
  2. If buying a new home, don’t sign up to use the builder’s landscape company. The price of the job is usually bumped up 30 to 50 percent over an independent company, as builders make their money from adding large profits to subcontractors they use. The cost of adding the expense into your mortgage can add thousands more to the job in interest alone.
  3. Choose a licensed and insured company. In case of error by contractors, you have little to no recourse if you hired someone unlicensed.

Here are some things to think about before you meet with us:

  1. Look at homes like yours with a critical eye towards what you like and do not like about the landscape with the house and the lot.
  2. Think of plants that you like, and reasons you like them.
  3. Consider how much maintenance you want to have, and how much you are willing to do, in terms of plant care and landscape care.
  4. Are there existing plants on your property that have value? We frequently recommend leaving older, larger plants that are healthy and attractive as an anchor for the new part of the landscape. This can also help blend the new and smaller plants with the neighboring properties and neighborhood.
  5. What view to the house or building is the most important?
  6. What views from inside are most important?
  7. What views are important to hide or downplay?
  8. What is your favorite season?
  9. What do you like most about your house your property, and neighborhood?
  10. Are there children living at home or visiting often? What ages? What part of the landscape should be planned for them?
  11. Is there a time of year when you are not home as much and are less aware of beauty in the landscape?
  12. Do you have, or are you considering, an irrigation system? Lighting?
  13. What is the largest number of people we should plan for using the outdoor entertainment/eating area?
  14. Do you want a nice landscape which suits your house and neighborhood or do you want a special, artistic design where you have more opportunity to individualize it with the designer?
  15. What drawings, surveys or property descriptions do you have that we could borrow to help our firm or a surveyor get accurate measurements of existing conditions, building locations, paving and property lines?

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