Lawn Fertilizer Service

Lawn Fertilizer Service Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio
Fertilizing your lawn is much more of a science than many would think. The goal of lawn fertilization is to create an attractive turf that is not only healthy, but beautiful.

Lawn fertilization requires attention to detail, a little bit of horticultural knowledge, and most importantly, a strong responsiveness to the needs of a given lawn. Properly fertilized grass can also help deplete weeds and other lawn damaging substances.

This level of service determination results in a thick, green lawn that shapes your landscape and supports the attractiveness of your home.

The professional landscapers and lawn care specialists are dedicated to helping its homeowners achieve a healthy lawn that thrives year round.


Lawn Fertilizer Service Benefits

Fertilization is essential to maintaining healthy grass with the following benefits:

  • Establishes Deep Root Systems
  • Promotes Blade Thickness
  • Enhances Grass Color
  • Prevents Weeds
  • Thwarts Muddy Soil
  • More Resilient to Disease


Lawn Fertilizer Service Schedule
Moscarino’s lawn fertilizer experts will work with you to determine how many times your grass will be fertilized and when your grass will be fertilized in a given year.

In general, grass will be fertilized once in late spring, once or twice during the summer, and one last time during the fall. Most of our lawn fertilizer service clients have their lawns fertilized 4-6 times a year, depending on a few factors:

  • Lawn Location
  • Type of Grass
  • Soil Test Results

Our lawn fertilization service schedule is designed for maximum effectiveness  based upon when the fertilizer is applied during the year.

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