Lawn Lime Application

Lawn Lime Application and Lime Lawn Treatment Service Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio
A healthy and lush lawn provides a recreational space for your family as well as a beautiful atmosphere around your home.

Lawn Lime Application Will Ensure Lush Green Grass
Homeowners mow, weed and even fertilize their lawn, but what else can you do to ensure the perfect turf? The pH level of your soil can greatly enhance the health of your lawn, plants and flowers. Lawn lime applications can ensure that your soil’s pH level is balanced.

Our Lawn Lime Application Process
The lawn specialists at Moscarino Landscaping will test your soil pH and determine if it is too low (acidic) or too high (alkaline). Ideally for most plants and turf, soil pH levels should be in the 6.5 to 7.0 range.

An effective method to correct a pH problem in your soil is a lawn lime application. Lime provides calcium which assists in root development and strengthens plant cell walls. It slows the decomposition process and aids in the development of nitrogen fixing bacteria.

Lime is typically added to soil surrounding plants when the soil is too acidic or the calcium is low

Other Options for Correcting pH Imbalance in Your Lawn
Other options for correcting a pH imbalance include the application of gypsum (calcium sulfate) when the soil is lacking the nutrient and the soil is alkaline.

Though lime is typically applied in the fall, it may also be applied in the spring. It is not necessary to have a lime application every year unless your soil is highly acidic.