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Outdoor Kitchen Builder Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio
The outdoor kitchen builders at Moscarino Outdoor Creations specialize in designing and installing stunning custom outdoor kitchens that are as functional as they are beautiful.

We have over 50 years of combined experience working with clients in Cleveland and across Northeast Ohio designing and building outdoor living spaces designed to make their homes exceptional.

Our outdoor kitchen design specialists can renovate an existing outdoor living space as well as provide a complete outdoor kitchen and entertaining space from the ground up.

Because the Most Relaxing Places Aren’t Always Inside Your Home

Outdoor Kitchen Design

An outdoor kitchen is as personal as you are, so we incorporate your personal style throughout each focal point while maximizing the layout for easier entertaining, extending the overall living space and adding value to your home.  Whether it’s a welcoming rustic design, clean contemporary lines, kid-friendly or completely self-contained, our design team can bring your outdoor kitchen ideas to life.

We marry form with function so that an outdoor kitchen can do everything an indoor kitchen does and more!  Ideal for entertaining larger parties and shorter prep times, a kitchen designed around the grilling area with maximum counter space and different functional zones allows for multiple cooking, prep, and entertaining activities to occur simultaneously.

Today’s outdoor kitchens can range from a simple outdoor grilling island to a much larger space that incorporates additional counter space for food prep and serving and space to  create a communal environment so that hosts can entertain guests during food prep and cooking.

Outdoor Kitchen Planning
We work with our clients to plan the entire outdoor entertaining space as part of a single functional plan.   Our planning process incorporates dining areas, cooking areas and even pool areas that need to often coexist.

Our design team will help visualize your outdoor kitchen as outdoor rooms and to consider the flow of traffic as part of the design.  We plan the outdoor kitchen so that the flow from refrigerator to counter space to cooking area is easy to navigate.

We will help you think about how you’ll store food and drinks along with what you’re likely to retrieve from inside the house.  Moscarino also plans for the future, as many of our outdoor living projects are phased over several years. As a part of this future planning process, we assist in creating the road map for how every connection will be made above and below ground.

Extending Kitchen Functionality
When planning your outdoor kitchen, we get a better understanding of the type of cooking you’d like to do outside that your indoor kitchen doesn’t permit.

Meat smokers and custom outdoor pizza ovens are another way to bring more functionality to an outdoor kitchen.

Open Air Structures for Your Outdoor Kitchen
The most significant difference between indoor and outdoor kitchen design is often the exposure to the elements (shelter and durability considerations).

We work with homeowners to design open-air patio structures to keep sun and rain as well as hungry birds away from their outdoor kitchens.

Our outdoor kitchen designs incorporate ways to protect expensive cabinets, appliances and counter tops from inclement weather to extend their lifespan.

Outdoor Kitchen and Bar Elements
There are many possibilities and elements that our design team can incorporate into your outdoor kitchen and bar design including:

  • Islands with lots of meal preparation and serving space
  • Kegorators, beer taps, wine refrigerators, refrigerators and ice makers
  • Entertainment including outdoor stereo systems and televisions
  • Extend the outdoor entertaining season with heaters, shade and rain shelter
  • Weather resistant plush seating
  • Additional cooking options including smokers, barbecues, open-wood flame pizza ovens

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