Tree Trimming and Pruning Service

Tree Trimming Service Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio
Moscarino Landscaping offers tree trimming and pruning services to remove dead and dying branches to maintain tree and shrub health. Thinning trees can also reduce branch density resulting in less storm damage.

Benefits of Tree Trimming and Pruning
Pruning plants is a necessary and effective way to lengthen the life of your trees and shrubs. Pruning should begin at planting and can be done for aesthetic reasons as well as a method of preventative maintenance.

Additional benefits of tree trimming include:

  • Promoting overall plant health. Removing dead, dying or diseased branches can halt damage to your plants.
  • Promoting fruit and flowering.
  • Decorative design- certain breeds of trees, shrubs and hedges can be trimmed to have custom shapes.
  • Controlling size and overgrowth.
  • Removing the hazards associated with heavy older branches from falling.
  • Removing branches and growth obstructions from utilities, motorist or pedestrian line of vision.